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Ron Arad for Kartell Deep Blue Bookworm Wall Mounted Shelves 1998

Ron Arad for Kartell Deep Blue Bookworm Wall Mounted Shelves 1998

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Ron Arad for Kartell Bookworm with original box and instruction book 1998 (like new). 

Ron Arad's "Bookworm" shelves are a unique and innovative design that has gained significant attention in the world of contemporary furniture. Ron Arad, an Israeli-born industrial designer and architect, created the Bookworm shelves in 1994.

The Bookworm shelves are characterized by their fluid and flexible form, which allows them to be shaped and molded into various configurations. The shelves are made of a flexible, thermoplastic material that can be easily bent and twisted to create the desired shape. This feature allows users to create dynamic and visually striking book displays on their walls.

The design of the Bookworm shelves challenges the traditional concept of a static and rigid bookcase, instead offering a more organic and playful approach. The shelves can be mounted in a straight line or arranged in curving shapes, resembling a worm or snake, hence the name "Bookworm."

One of the main advantages of the Bookworm shelves is their adaptability. They can be mounted on uneven or curved surfaces, making them suitable for unconventional spaces or challenging architectural layouts. The shelves can accommodate books of various sizes and can hold a significant number of volumes, depending on the length and configuration chosen.

The Bookworm shelves have become iconic in contemporary design and have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide

Designer: Ron Arad 
Manufacturer: Kartell
Place of Origin: Italy
Date of Manufacture: 1998 
In style: Mid Century Modern
Materials & Techniques: Pvc  
Condition: Excellent conditions 

Height:  19 cm
Width: 320 cm
Depth:    20cm

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