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Italian Scavo Murano Glass Vase by Seguso Vetri d’Arte

Italian Scavo Murano Glass Vase by Seguso Vetri d’Arte

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This stunning handblown vase was handblown on the Venetian island of Murano by Seguso- one of Italy's most illustrious producers. The Scavo finished glass, realised in a beautiful aquamarine tone, offers a beautifully muted finish reminiscent of sea glass.

Archimede Seguso (1909 - 1999) was a prominent and highly influential Italian glass artist and master glassblower from the island of Murano, Venice, Italy. He hailed from a family with a rich heritage in glassmaking, dating back to the 14th century. Born into the Seguso glassmaking dynasty, Archimede learned the art of glassblowing from his father, Antonio Seguso, and other skilled artisans within the family. From an early age, Archimede displayed immense talent and a deep passion for glassmaking. He honed his skills and artistic vision on Murano, an island renowned for its centuries-old tradition of glass craftsmanship. Murano glass has been famous worldwide for its quality, beauty, and innovative techniques, and Archimede Seguso contributed significantly to preserving and enhancing this legacy.

In 1937, Archimede founded his own glassmaking furnace, "Vetreria Archimede Seguso," which allowed him to explore his creative ideas and develop unique glass artworks. He quickly gained recognition for his mastery of traditional glassblowing techniques and his innovative approach to design. One of the most remarkable aspects of Archimede Seguso's work was his experimentation with different glassblowing techniques, colors, and forms. He was a true visionary, pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible with glass. Among his notable contributions was the development and popularization of the "Sommerso" technique, where multiple layers of glass in different colors are fused together, creating a captivating sense of depth and submerged colors.

This technique became an iconic hallmark of Murano glass art. Throughout his career, Archimede Seguso collaborated with renowned artists, architects, and designers, such as Gio Ponti and Paolo Venini, further elevating his status as a master glassblower and an influential figure in the world of glass art. Archimede's works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions around the world, earning him international acclaim and admiration. His artistic contributions were pivotal in elevating Murano glass art to new heights, and his legacy continues to inspire contemporary glass artists and enthusiasts alike. Today, original pieces by Archimede Seguso are highly sought after by collectors and art connoisseurs, and they are treasured as valuable works of art that embody the rich history and artistic excellence of Murano glassmaking. 

Manufacturer: Saguso
Place of Origin: Italy
Date of Manufacture: 1960s
In style: Mid Century Modern
Materials & Techniques: Murano glass 
Condition: Good condition, wear consistent with the age use

Heigh: 35 cm
Diameter: 21 cm

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