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Antonia Astori for Cidue

“Cidonio” Dining Table by Antonia Astori for Cidue, Italy 1960

“Cidonio” Dining Table by Antonia Astori for Cidue, Italy 1960

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An eye-catching dining table, model “Cidonio”, designed by Antonia Astori, manufactured by Cidue in Italy around 1960.

This modern table is a true statement piece in the decor! It has a thick cylinder shaped, chrome plated metal base on a flat round foot. The green colour on the top works really well for this design, giving it a sense of luxury while keeping the structure visible from every angle. Its combination of materials allows it to fit in many different decors, while still drawing the attention. This impressive piece of Italian mid-century design will be a beautiful addition to any dining room. 

Antonia Astori is an Italian designer known for her work in the field of furniture and product design. She was born in Milan, Italy, in 1940. Antonia Astori is recognized for her minimalist and functional design approach, often creating pieces that blend aesthetics with practicality. She has worked with several renowned design companies, and her designs have gained recognition and acclaim in the world of contemporary design.

One of her notable collaborations was with the Italian furniture company Driade. She co-founded Driade along with Enrico Astori and Adelaide Acerbi in the late 1960s. Driade became well-known for its avant-garde and innovative design pieces and collaborations with various designers, including Antonia Astori herself.

While specific designs and projects associated with Antonia Astori may have evolved and changed over the years, her contribution to the world of design, particularly through her work with Driade, has made a significant impact. Her designs often reflect a blend of functionality and aesthetics, embodying the principles of modern and contemporary design.

Designer: Antonia Astori
Manufacturer: Cidue
Place of Origin: Italy
Date of Manufacture: 1960s
In style: Mid Century Modern
Materials & Techniques: Metal 
Condition: Good condition, wear consistent with the age use

Heigh: 72 cm
Diameter: 119 cm  

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